What are the various forms and uses of the Makita Circular Saw?

The perfect power tool for straight, clean, and true cutting is the Makita Circular saw. Use it on hardwood, sheet materials, or man-made boards such as MDF, and you can see how quickly and easily you can make cuts with other saws that might be messy or bulky.

Makita DSS611Z

Despite the fact that the taking after capacities have been evacuated, the Makita DSS611 is prepared with the same lightweight plan, 3.1 kg, mobility, and high execution as the DSS610, despite the fact that: Guided work light, 45 degrees positive halt, Blower work.

  • Brake energy.
  • You can store the hex wrench onboard the saw.
  • For fast and easy blade shift, spindle lock

Makita DSS610Z 

A powerful 18v circular saw with a heavy gauge base with 45 and 50-degree bevel capabilities are the Makita DSS610Z cordless. With the aluminum base calibration park installed in a dust blower, the big lever lock and safety cover.

  • Soft Grip Rubberized
  • Double Cause of Safety
  • Big lever lock-off
  • LED Light for Job with afterglow

Makita DSS501Z

The Makita DSS501Z is a lightweight circular 18v lithium-ion cordless saw with a maximum cutting depth of 51 mm at 90 ° and 35 mm at 45 °. A well-positioned rear is in the DSS501. It is equipped with a 16 tooth, 135mm blade, and an LED work light is also available to help you see your cutting line. Supplied as a body only, separately sold batteries and chargers.

  • Elevated grips of convenience.
  • 22 minutes of charging time with the Makstar Optimum Charging Device, air-cooled.
  • Lithium-ion batteries have longer life cycles than their counterparts from Ni-MH or Ni-Cad, offering 430 percent more operating time.

Speed and Control

The quicker the blade can be turned by the motor, the more power you have over the cut. That’s about all we can think about it! Look out for the cordless circular saw revolutions per minute (RPM) you’re interested in.

Clamp Before Cutting Angles

Blade guards appear to hang up at something less than a 90-degree angle when they touch a surface. Clamp the workpiece down so it doesn’t move around, even though that clamp happens to be your knee because you need one hand to drive the circular saw and the other to retract the guard.

Types of Circular Saw

  • Cordless Circular Saw Body Makita DSS611Z 18V Li-Ion 165mm Only
  • Makita DSS610Z 18V Li-Ion Circular Saw 165mm Body Only
  • The Makita DSS501Z 18V LXT Li-Ion Cordless 136mm Circular Saw Body Only
  • Brushless Circular Saw Body Makita DHS660Z 18V LXT 165mm Only
  • Circular Saw Body Only & Case Makita DHS710ZJ 36V Twin 18V 190mm

Circular Saw Tips

As you are learning how to use a Makita circular saw, keep these tips in mind.

Make cuts with the good side facing down when appearance matters, because circular saws on the top side will break the wood.

  • It will minimize splintering to make the cut line on masking tape.
  • Start over if you see that, instead of trying to curve your way back on track, you have veered-off from the cut line.
  • Don’t clamp a cut on both ends.
  • Set the blade depth to no more than 1/4-inch below the thickness of the board for efficiency and protection.

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