What does an angle drill do?

Angle Drill:

Basically, an electric drill with a head positioned at a 90-degree angle to the grip is a right angle drill. Usually, the head on a right angle drill is much shorter than what you would find in a standard model, too, and when controlled with one hand, the grip is normally built to be comfortable.

What is an angle drill used for?

The angle allows for a smaller head and a shorter handle extension so that it is possible to drill corners from the inside. For any room that is not long enough to accommodate a conventional drill, this is also valid.

It comes with a brushless motor, Active Feedback Sensing Technology, and Automatic Torque Drive Technology. Makita Angle Drill Grinders have a variety of applications that are ideal for grinding, scraping, polishing, and sanding, so they are an important tool in many industries. This improved productivity instantly gives you high speed with lightweight, cute apps. Lower velocity and more torque. 

Advantages of angle drill:

A Makita Angle Drill is a tool with many benefits and no particular drawbacks-

Tight Spaces

The right angle drill is designed to penetrate spaces that can’t be accessed by traditional drills, those narrow gaps behind beams or joists that you can’t enter otherwise.


Most of the drills with the right angle have 3-speed motors. When you need it, this provides a lot of torque, and also allows slow drilling when needed.


A right angle drill can hit some very tight spots through extensions to the drill bit.


That makes your regular drill an ideal, flexible replacement.


When used, the side handle on a right-angle drill offers a lot more leverage, and some even provide a twisting grip and trigger, increasing the possibilities when using the right angle drill.

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