What does the Makita DLX4051PM1 Cordless Package contain?

A four-piece combo pack, the Makita DLX4051PM1 Cordless. This vast selection of Makita quality resources contains everything you need for technical or DIY work. 

Makita DJV180Z 

A small and lightweight Jigsaw powered by Makita lithium-ion batteries is the Makita DJV180Z. This jigsaw has a locking mechanism on the trigger switch that allows for continuous operation and decreases fatigue when making long cuts.

Makita DGA452Z

For grinding & cutting applications, the Makita DGA452Z offers wireless comfort. The motor is protected from overload by its electronic current limiter and there is an alarm lamp that switches on to warn of imminent overload and also warns of low battery.

Makita LXT600

A rugged and versatile tool pack, the Makita LXT600 is suitable for secure storage and transport of your power tools. Packed with wheels and a telescopic handle, it gives you a perfect way to get your instruments to and from work and keep them secure while you are working.

Makita DC18RD

2 batteries charged by the Makita DC18RD twin 18v Li-ion charger. They often use less energy because the energy efficiency of recharging batteries with a battery charger is greater than the cost and energy of producing new batteries.

Makita DML185Z

Light Bare-Tool Makita 18V Cordless 18 Volt Torch DML185Z Skin Only. As soon as it is turned on, Makita Torches & Lights Batteries produce electricity that flows to the bulb of a torch.

Makita BL1840

The Makita BL1840 battery is shock-absorbing and lightweight. Even after long storage cycles, Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries avoid self-discharge so that they are ready for use. The Makita Rapid Optimum Charger (sold separately) is a smart-charging device that communicates with the battery to control current, voltage, and temperature during the charging phase. The Li-ion has restricted power depletion during use or in storage during its lifetime.

The multi-purpose combo tool kits are Cordless Tools Kits. The 12-volt, 18-volt, and 20-volt cordless voltages of choice.

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