What is a Saw Reciprocating, and why do I need one?

On your table, you have a jigsaw, a circular saw and a miter saw. Did you just look for a reciprocal sierra? We’re going to cover what recipes are in this section and why you need one.

To perform even the hardest demolition job, the Makita Reciprocating Saws are constructed. Such powerful instruments allow you to smash through boards and materials that you can’t normally remove.


The MAKITA DJR360ZK 18V is an 18v reciprocating cordless saw. Thanks to its jigsaw blade compliant blade clamp and adjustable shoe, this saw can tolerate both reciprocating saw blades and jigsaw blades. In addition, with the toolless blade shift, tool-less shoe adjustment, and rubberized soft grip, it provides more power and comfort. 

For what is a Reciprocating Saw Used?

These are essentially hand-held saws that take over when hammers and crowbars fail; the work of demolition. Yeah, it is the primary use to cut and tear the materials around doors, windows, and when cutting through joists and plasterboard, etc. with a reciprocating saw. As reciprocating saws embrace a wide range of blades designed for cutting through wood, metal, and plasterboard, they will be able to slice through any frames, walls, or fixings you throw at it easily and reasonably cleanly.

How a Reciprocating Saw Functions:

As a consequence, in the reciprocating saw, several jigsaw blades would match. Look for a reciprocating saw with an LED light, positioned similarly to where you might find it in a jigsaw, for working in dark areas.

What saw blade should I use for reciprocating?

A reciprocating saw’s handling varies from any other saw in your kit. It does not have a flat foundation, making it suitable for operating in uncomfortable positions. 

This makes this Makita multi-use saw even more flexible because of the large variety of blades available. It is compact with a dual variable velocity switch option for body control from the handle or paddle switch that allows you to adjust your grip accordingly.

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