What is Plunge Saw?

In this guide, we’re going to discuss what the plunge cut saw is and what it’s used for. A plunge saw has a distinct configuration that reduces the need for a traditional retractable blade guard since the blade is sealed within the unit. Makita DSP600ZJ 36V LXT 165mm Plunge Saw Body with Makpac Shell. In combination with the Makita guide rail system, the Makita DSP600 Twin 18v (36v) LXT 165 mm (6 1/2)” Plunge Circular Saw offers precise and accurate cutting.

The saw and the rail system work together with minimum tear-out in order to create accurate cuts. Also, a rubberized soft grip handle provides more support in the office.

What’s the Plunge Saw Helping You to Do?

While a circular saw will normally have to start cutting from the end of the log, a plunge cut saw would make it easy to start cutting anywhere in the material. As well as making it the right tool to use when removing a worktop for sinks or hoses. And where the precision of completing the cut matters, the plunge saw would also have the maximum possible degree of cut without breaking, something hard to achieve with a circular saw.

Plunge Saw a smooth and convenient charging lever for the convenience of the customer. Dual front and back bevel help offer additional stiffness for quick and precise bevel cuts. On-board hex wrench for fast and quick blade shift.

Toptopdeal is selling you the Makita Plunge Saw. Precise as well as precise cutting is provided by the Makita DSP600 Twin 18v (36v) LXT Brushless 165 mm (6 1/2)’ Plunge Circular Saw. Moreover, BL Brushless Motor, produced by Makita, provides maximum performance of 6,300 RPM and a 50 percent longer run-time per charge.

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