What to look for when selecting a DMR112 radio from Makita?

Radio Makita DMR112: Let’s start by talking about what you can expect from the DMR112 Makita. To help you understand, we’ll send you a rundown, feature by feature. Not only what they are, but why they should interest you!

Makita DMR112 18V Jobsite Radio

Makita is the market’s leading specialist manufacturer of power tools. Two 89mm speakers offer high-quality audio and Bluetooth radio capabilities. And AUX-in for phones and computers to connect to. NiCD, NiMH, or G-Series batteries are not supported by the DMR112. If there is no battery, it can also be operated by the mains (including the cable).

DAB radio

The future is digital radio, and we’ve already written a complete article on the advantages of DAB radios.

Impressive volume and sound quality

For your construction site, the Makita DMR112 provides more than enough sound quality. There is also an anti-shock mount fitted with two high-quality speakers, so that the sound continues uninterrupted even if the system is struck.

Swivel carry handle

For many of our readers, it will probably not be the most exciting element, but there is a fun twist action on the robust carrying handle to make it a little easier to carry.

Easy to use display and controls

If you’re like us, you’ll need an easy-to-use radio with controls that don’t need too much accuracy, with the correct fingers of an artisan. Without being hideous, the buttons on the Makita DMR112 are bulky. Moreover, there is an easy-to-read screen to watch what you do and keep track of what’s playing.

Multiple sources of music

Although we have concentrated on the fact that this is digital radio (DAB), it is not a single pony for a ride. There is also an FM tuner to fall back on, as well as a detachable antenna for use with the frequency band that conveniently stows away in the battery compartment, if you have weak digital reception wherever you are.

This will definitely be hard to beat if you want an easy-to-use and reliable radio. Thanks for reading the report. We hope this article is enjoyable for you and that you find it useful.

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