What you need to know about the Miter saw of Makita?

Makita Miter saw: In order to make this Miter saw stand out, even more, Makita provides a new feature: automatic torque transmission. This DLS714NZ 36V miter saw offers exceptional performance. With its high power 36V brushless motor and automatic speed control.

The newest brushless tool in the Makita line, the MAKITA DLS714NZ Cordless Slide Compound Miter Saw. It allows the consumer to make use of the 36V DC high-power brushless motor. Make a cut as easily as if you were using a compound miter saw with a thread.

It is wireless offering a power of 36 V

This is not a new development from Makita, combining two 18v batteries to create available power of 36v. But it definitely makes sense to come up with a saw with a miter. It only weighs 13.5 kg and does not require a cord to work.

Easily transportable to where you need them. Just insert two 18V batteries of any amp hour and you’re ready to cut.

It’s Brushless – Longer Run Times, Better Performance

And its 36v DC motor is indeed a key feature of the DLS714. This helps you to obtain a corded cutting capability experience; 300 mm in a single pass on a piece of wood up to a thickness of 52 mm.

Double sliding mechanism

Obviously, the sliding mechanism of the saw helps you to cut huge pieces of wood, but the fact that it has twin rails makes it possible. It provides a greater level of stability and precision in those tough crosscuts. 

Safety first

All engine capacities are electronically controlled. This makes it a safe saw; the electric brake stops the rotation of the blade as soon as you release the safety trigger. The soft-start means that when you start cutting, the blade does not dig deep into the wood.

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