Which one and why do I need the cordless Makita Jigsaw in my kit?

Why do I need Makita Jigsaw cordless: Brushless motors are not the future of your cordless power tools; they are the truth right now. So in this article, we came up with the top 2 best Makita Jigsaws in 2020 and their reviews. It offers the best jigsaw with its soft start feature for cutting curves. 

We have rated these products according to their size, brand value, quality, performance, and various characteristics, such as speed, blade sharpness, and materials that a specific jigsaw can cut. 

Makita DJV180Z 18V LXT Li-Ion Cordless Jigsaw

A small and lightweight Jigsaw powered by Makita lithium-ion batteries, the Makita DJV180Z 18V. At 2,600 pm, it provides a smooth and strong cut at a high rotational speed.

Just as we planned, the instrument-less blade change device is used by this jigsaw brand. For both pros and beginners, this makes it easier to adjust the blades quickly and easily.

Brushless Top Handle Jigsaw Makita DJV182Z 18V LXT Li-Ion

A top-handle cordless jigsaw brushless motor bow that produces a high level of torque per weight is the Makita DJV182Z. In order to increase battery lifeless motor friction, more torque implies less power needed. Timber, plywood, plastic, metal, and even ceramic tiles are included. It is also safe and easy to use, which is why a new DIYer buys the very first power saw sometimes.

Again, three orbital settings provided using which you can cut different types of materials including wood, metal, and plastics. There is a heavy gauge in the system that will provide an accurate and smooth cutting experience.

It’s lightweight, sturdy, and ergonomic, as you would expect from a Makita power tool that is cordless. It features a wide variable speed trigger that takes strokes to a maximum of 2600 per minute. Thanks to the length of the stroke of 26 mm, the machine will allow you to cut up to 135 mm in wood and 10 mm into steel. 

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