Makita Dust Extractors – M-Class Dust Extractor

The Makita dust extractor range is a common option for clients looking for an effective dust extractor suitable for residential and commercial use. M Class Dust Extractors.

99.9% of the dust extracted by the Makita M Class Dust Extractors Vacuum Cleaner. This item has a push and clean filter cleaning system and an integrated solution for tubes. The creative approach to securing the pipe with two clamps on the back of the toolbox.

Makita VC4210MX 110V M-Class with Power Take-Off Dust Extractor 42L

Makita VC4210MX 110V M-Class Dust Extractors 42L Power Take-Off. Because of the airflow detector, which beeps when the airflow is through, it is extremely user-friendly. With a weight of just 16 kg, 4 m of cable, and on wheels, this device is lightweight and provides the best protection against damaging stone dust. A washable, non-stick membrane. It is suitable for processes such as mica, china clay, gypsum, wood dust, and silica dust such as concrete dust and masonry (such as softwood and hardwood).

  • A washable, non-stick membrane.
  • Automatic on/off function: The computer triggers when a linked power tool used.

Power Take-Off Dust Extractor Makita VC4210MX 240V M-Class 42L. For some wood dust, we’re sufficient. Among other materials, MDF and dust: quartz concrete, cement, paint, grouting of tiles, sand, and pebbles. This machine provides the user with the ability to optimize daily production, with a large 30-liter dust bag and easy to adjust filters.

  • The flat-top concept for the storage of hand tools and fittings.
  • Double-wall containers with wide wheels and castors made of steel.

You are equipped with the best 110V and 240V Makita M-Class Dust Extractor from Toptopdeal. The M-Class Dust Extractor with the power take-off feature triggers the automatic on/off mechanism when a wired power tool is turned on.

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