Which one is the best Radio for you?

Speaker with Bluetooth only body, Makita DMR200 18V work site. A durable lightweight device with Bluetooth communication and a strong Ø100mm woofer plus Ø36mm tweeter, the Makita 10.8/18V worksite speaker with Bluetooth shell. Makita DMR200 18V USB port also facilitates cell device charging

Bluetooth Radio:

Bluetooth radio technology provides a universal bridge to existing data networks, a peripheral interface, and a mechanism to form small, private ad hoc groupings of connected devices away from fixed network infrastructures.


Other functions include 5 channel preset keys, sleep, and alarm modes as well as hands-on/automatic tuning for your favorite stations. Apart from this, the two large 89 mm speakers create high-quality audio. 

Makita Radio white body only: 10.8-18V LXT/CXT Li-Ion DAB Work Site Radio.

DMR109W 10.8-18V LXT/CXT Li-ion DAB Radio White Makita is a radio station designed to transmit optical audio signals in compliance with the criteria of the DMR104 framework. As we all know that radio is a hard life in the office but you don’t have to worry about using all four corners with rubber bumpers and vertical metal bars in the front. In addition, it doesn’t take a lot to get an internet radio station up and running.

The DMR109 is now compliant with batteries of the Makita 10.8v ‘Cluster’ type along with 18v LXT and 10.8v/12v Max CXT ‘Slide’ battery bundles of lithium-ion. Also, DMR109-compatible batteries NiCD, NiMH, or G-Series work efficiently. 

Makita DMR109 LXT/CXT Li-Ion Work Site Blue Radio Just Body 10.8-18V

Digital audio (DAB/DEB•DAB+), III 5A–13F, and FM, 87.5–108MHz is a digital audio transmittal station (DAB/DAB•DAB+). It has also a dust-proof building offering long life in difficult conditions.

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