Why do you have to use an Aluminum Groove Cutter?

For improved maneuverability, the aluminum groove cutter Makita CA5000X is compatible with the guide rail.

Although lockdown may seem like the ideal time to do all of their DIY projects for some. It transforms the lives of other people into a nightmare.

A home is meant to be a safe, healthy location, an area that can be managed so that it is suitable. But the ambient sounds are dominated by outsiders.

Makita CA5000X 4-5/8″ Aluminum Groove Cutter

Aluminum Groove Cutter Makita CA5000X 4-5/8′′. For cutting grooves in aluminum composite materials, get the correct solution. With precision features and ease of use. There is a variable speed control dial (2,200-6,400) on the 12 AMP motor. To allow users to change the application speed.

  • Form of blade: Cutter blade / TCT saw blade
  • Max cutting capacity with Guide rail cutter blade: 11 mm (7/16′′)
  • Max cutting capacity with guide rail TCT saw blade: 36 mm (1-7/16′′) without guide rail: 41 mm (1-5/8′′)
  • Continuous Ranking 1,300W Input Input
  • No-load velocity (rpm) 2,200-6,400
  • 346x250x250 mm (13-5/8′′x9-7/8′′x9-7/8′′) Dimensions (L x W x H) 5.1 kg of Net Weight (11.3 lbs)

A breeze with the depth control dial, which has stops at 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm, adjusts the cut depth. In order to make accurate cuts, the saw and rail system work together with minimal tear-out. Moreover, 12 AMP motor for optimum performance in aluminum composite materials. Developed to cut grooves in composite aluminum materials. You may use a 90-degree V-shaped groove cutter blade. To cut grooves in composite aluminum materials (e.g. exterior wall panels). Ideal for aluminum composite material manufacturing.

  • Cutter blade for an optional 135 degree V-shaped groove
  • Two in one; A circular saw may also be used as a plunge slash.
  • For improved maneuverability, compatible with guide rail
  • For high durability and long tool life, the aluminum diecast base plate
  • Variable velocity (2,200-6,400 RPM)
  • Under load, constant speed control maintains a constant speed.
  • Soft beginning for smooth start-ups
  • For fast serviceability, externally available brushes

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