Why do you need a Makita 8406C 13mm Diamond Core Drill in Case, Rotary & Percussion 240V?

The Makita 8406C 240V Drill is a skilled drill of high quality that is suitable for home, workshop, or construction site. This drill is the perfect addition to any toolbox with a lasting consistency of construction and reliable operation. This drill is also sufficiently efficient for the broad and demanding jobs that need long operating times. Suitable for all sizes, from a small 28 mm to a massive 152 mm dry diamond core, it is suitable for copper pipes, waste pipes, and even soil pipes.

  • When the center jams, the torque limiter disassembles the clutch.
  • Excellent for plumbers, electricians, contractors in general, recruiters.
  • The Percussion motion, rotary-only for diamond core drilling, for a pilot hole.
  • Used with up to 152mm diamond cores.
  • For diamond core drilling, rotary motion.
  • 2-speed and soft-start gearbox.
  • Electronic regulation of rpm.

Finally, the Makita 8406 drill is small enough to be easy to hold. This instrument is suitable for making tile, ferroconcrete, marble, stone, etc. clean-cut, smooth holes.

Key Specification:

  1. Dry diamond core max-152 mm
  2. No-load velocity-H: 1800-4000/L: 900-2000 rpm
  3. Minute blows-H: 28800-64000/ L: 14400-32000 bpm
  4. 1400 W input wattage
  5. Vibration: Drilling Hammer-10 m/sec2

A core drill is a drill specifically built, much like a hole saw, to cut a cylinder of material. The drill rod rotates the diamond bit and spins it into the ground in order to retrieve the heart.

The Makita 8406C 13 mm Diamond Core Drill-240V Rotary & Percussion In Case are available from Toptopdeal. The Makita 8406 Drill is a high-quality professional drill suitable for home, workplace, or building sites. This drill is the ideal addition to any toolbox that has long-lasting construction quality and efficient operation.

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