Why You Should Own an Impact Driver?

Technically, the new Makita DTD170Z impact driver is a 6-driver feature, with four speeds and matching impact capacity. Output improves in line with all new Makita tools, while the total system size decreases.

They can be used in a large range of jobs; by having an effective driver, anything from building decks to tightening some screws around the house can be made simpler.

Impact Drivers:

An impact driver delivers rotational blows as well as linear to push or loosen broad screws while additionally pressing the bit into the screw head for better grip, not to be mistaken with the concussive hammer action of a drill. An impact screwdriver can drive screws faster and more effectively than any other tool, delivering significantly more torque than a typical drill driver. Ideal for jobs such as subfloor laying, decking installation, or just projects that enable you to drive hundreds of large screws. Impact wrenches are exactly the same unit but usually more heavy-duty and have square drives for attaching sockets. Widely used for locking or loosening nuts and bolts in trades such as car repair, building, and product assembly.

Higher Torque:

So, with an impact motor, you’ll be able to do them quicker and smoother when you need to drive screws in the hard stuff.

Fits in tight spaces:

For long periods of time, drivers are lightweight and simpler to manage. You know that the head-length is shorter than the normal cordless drill if you’ve seen an impact driver before.

Easy on Your Wrist:

Drivers should not wear the wrist as easily as cordless drills because they do not face opposition, and because they are smaller.

Self-driving Screws:

When you are using self-driving screws that do not need you to drill a hole, this power tool is particularly handy.


Drivers are an incredibly valuable power tool you might want to add to your arsenal. Look for power levels, RPM, weight, size, and battery life when buying a Makita DTD170Z impact driver. For more information on impact drivers, visit our Toptopdeal page.

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