Why is it that you need the DeWalt DCW604NT-XJ at your workplace?

18V Li-ion Cordless Brushless Router Trimmer Body DeWalt DCW604NT-XJ. Variable speed control (16,000-27,000rpm) enables the speed to be matched to the diameter and material of the cutter. The compact, lightweight design improves user comfort and ease of use. To reach into closed areas, use a small brush with either nylon or brass bristles. 

  • Large, comfortable handles for excellent power with an on / off switch and a plunge lock on your fingertips.
  • For fast and simple cutter modifications with a single spanner, the spindle lock mechanism
  • A soft start to remove small initial movements, particularly important with such a powerful router, that could misalign the cutter.

A Cordless Router Advantages

  • The variable speed control mechanism allows the optimization of bit speed to adjust applications.
  • The soft-starting engine features electronic full-time feedback that maintains motor speed by cutting
  • The big, low-pressure spindle lock button enables simple adjustments to the single wrench bit.

DeWalt DCW604NT-XJ – The disadvantages of a wireless router

  • It can not store sufficient power for extensive use or even for a task that demands power. To see the completion of a mission, the rechargeable batteries can not last long.
  • Recharging or adjusting the batteries allows you to interrupt what you’ve been doing. This slows down the job, even worse when the batteries have to be recharged.
  • It can be a tall order to build a cordless trim router that is both lightweight and ergonomic. And a cordless trim router is also supposed to act as well as a corded trim router and be as ergonomic as possible at the same time.
  • Expensive replacement of rechargeable batteries with improved battery packs. Battery packs with better efficiency as well as power can be costly in most cases. The rates can often be about the cost of the router.

The Dewalt DCW604NT-XJ is an 18v XR Li-ion Brushless 1/4″ Router/Trimmer Bare Unit. The DCW604NT-XJ, the first router available on the XR cordless platform, comes with interchangeable fixed or plunge bases and has fast release tabs to allow them to be quickly and easily swapped over.

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