Why Use an Impact Driver? And How it Works?

If you’ve ever heard an impact driver in motion, then you’ve probably found this in the form of a very noisy, repetitive clicking noise it makes when it drives in a screw. Why use an impact driver? That’s the hammering motion noise, and it happens hundreds of times a second, depending on how quickly you push in the screw.

Compact Effect Driver Body 18V XR Li-ion Cordless. When the instrument reaches a specified torque, it has a clutch that disengages the drive train from the drill (turning force). Increased runtime and longer tool life are provided by the all-metal transmission.

The DeWalt DCF887N features an improved brushless engine.

You will usually have to apply a lot of pressure with a power drill to stop slipping the drive bit, but this is often avoided by the hammering action of impact drivers, and all you have to do is apply enough pressure to hold the screw-driven and on point.

In reversing the spin direction, impact drivers are also useful for removing stubborn screws or bolts. The hammering motion will make it easier to remove corroded or over-torqued fasteners.

Safety Tips

It will drastically reduce your work time while giving you the satisfaction of driving big screws in just a few seconds into the wood. If you invest in an impact driver, like all power tools, be sure to use it safely. Wear protective glasses, keep your hands, clothing, and hair clear of the tool during use, and avoid clutter in the workplace that might cause an accident.


Impact wrenches slam the drive mechanism with a huge amount of energy, as the name suggests. Back up then, and slam it again. Imagine that you are trying to knock down a brick wall with your car to better grasp this idea. It might move or it might not, depending on the strength of the wall. But if you were to back up 10 yards, slam on the gas, and strike the wall with some pace and momentum, you would have a much better chance of having a big impact on the wall. When speaking of a drill versus an impact wrench, the same notion applies. A drill is like softly pushing the car up to the wall and putting on the gas then.

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