Why should you buy this Impact Driver?

In this blog, we’ll answer some of the commonly asked questions about impact drivers. What’s the effect of the driver? What’s the effect of the engine doing?

Make sure your fixtures and fittings remain in place even after you’re gone with the Dewalt Impact Driver to get the job done. You can select high RPM and powerful engines. Superb running time balanced the comfort and portability of cordless options. You will have the guarantee that you purchase premium goods from one of the leading brand names.

DeWalt DCF887N 

The DeWalt DCF887N features an improved brushless engine that offers increased torque as well as excellent strength and efficiency for a wide range of light applications. Its lightweight and compact nature eliminate fatigue, allowing users to use it for longer periods of time without rest. The impact driver also features an ergonomic cold-forged impactor handle that improves overall durability.

High-power brushless motor output of up to 205Nm of torque ensures rapid completion of heavy applications.

The tool is super light and lightweight, is very user-friendly and fits into small areas.

What is, and do I need, an impact driver?

A type of cordless drill driver is an impact driver, but it has a 1/4″ hex bit holder that grips small screwdriver bits instead of a regular 13 mm chuck.”

Impact drivers are all about hi-torque, combined with high impact levels. Typical driver outputs higher torque levels than even the top-of-the-range combi drill. Thanks to the torque available to you, you would usually be able to push long, large screws through the toughest of materials easily. Another main feature and advantage to look for when selecting a cordless driver is the length of the head. As you use your impact driver in narrow, uncomfortable spaces at times, the shorter the length of the head is the better.

With each rotation of the bit holder, the engine applies impacts coupled with high torque speeds. And all this comes from a cordless tool that normally has a rather compact head length, making it ideal for driving screws in tight corners or hard to reach areas.

In conclusion, the DeWalt DCF887N is a very good investment. It comes with features that make it accurate, long-lasting and highly functional.

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