Woodworking Routing Table Vs Makita Router

Cordless routers can be quite a nuisance to use. Although many have seen incredible powerful cordless tools from more than a few years ago still none has yet brought out something that can lay claim to being able to replace even the best dielectric ones for household tasks, and as such, all of the existing cordless routers in the market are still pretty small variations that in all likelihood are not suitable for even one-handed usage and… well, you get the idea. Nevertheless, the world of the cordless router is changing rapidly and new routers with cutting edge features are appearing almost every week. To catch up with the demands for the same you would need to check out the top five best cordless routers currently available in the market today.

When it comes to cutting edge technology you cannot ignore the Makita router and the Bosch router. Both of these models are equipped with powerful preloaded cutting bits, which makes routing a lot easier. The router in particular can handle a variety of tasks, from surface mounting to precise routing using a series of tiny bits. However, if you are only planning to get light duty routers for general purposes you can get by with a cheaper version of the Makita router which is as strong as a nail. If you are planning on a more involved project however you would be better off spending a little extra and getting a router that is actually meant for heavy duty use.

For precision work you might want to consider the Makita XPower Series Wood Lathe. This router has the ability to route through wood in two unique ways – the lightest way possible and the most powerful. The router has two speeds: one for the heavier gauge wood and another for the lighter. Using either speed is possible because of the distance between the cutting teeth. If you need to make a really deep hole it is important to know that the Makita router has a deeper depth option which is called the Turbo Depth option.

As far as power goes, the Makita XPower Series Wood Lathe definitely has more juice than the Makita router bit sets but less power than the Bosch model. The overall impression I got from both machines was that they were comparable. The difference between the machines was slight enough that I could not determine which one came out on top but the overall satisfaction was the same. They are both high quality machines with very good prices.

Although the Makita router is more expensive it also seems to have a better overall build. The sturdiness of the machine and the general quality of the machine seems to be a step up from the bosch models. When it comes to power, the Makita cordless wood routers win by a long shot.

When comparing the two cordless routers, the Makita cordless routers win because they are a little bit more versatile when it comes to using them. Being able to use the router motor outside the house makes this an attractive feature. Bosch on the other hand would only allow their wood routers to be used indoors. Being able to go outdoors seems like a very nice benefit but in reality it will not be that big of a benefit. A lot of people do not bring their cordless routers outside because of how cold and rainy it can get in the winter time.

Another thing that the wood routers lack is an anti-static wrist that most cordless routers have. The main complaint about this is that you have to manually switch the filters because they tend to get wet if they are left in a damp condition for too long. Most homeowners do not mind this slight inconvenience because it does not affect their use too much.

The bottom line is that both woodworking routers can be used effectively for all types of home improvement projects. Both are excellent for beginners to learn the ropes of woodworking because of the ease in which it can be handled. Both are great choices if you want something durable to use around the home. However, the Makita router table is the better option if you plan on doing a lot of routing jobs around your home. You can save a lot of money with the woodworking router table as opposed to the Makita router.

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